Authors - Jared Tate & Andrew Knapp

Jared Tate is the founder of the DigiByte Global Blockchain and the first blockchain creator to write a book on this emerging technology, its potential applications, and how it works. DigiByte is one of the most secure, decentralized, and time tested blockchains on the planet with origins dating back to 2013. Jared has helped pioneer several blockchain applications and technologies, including DigiShield, Digi-ID, DigiAssets, DigiPad, and many more. His code and insights have found their way into dozens of other blockchain protocols and projects. He lives in Austin, TX, where he is actively working on numerous blockchain projects.


Andrew Knapp is a former FBI counterterrorism analyst. He studied philosophy, economics, and geopolitics in school, and is fascinated with how big systems work. Andrew received a master's degree in intelligence from The Institute of World Politics. Andrew left government service in 2018 to start VESTi, Inc.; a company focused on building new solutions that make housing affordable for everyday people. VESTi is utilizing the security, transparency, and efficiency blockchain technology brings to complex markets like Real Estate. He lives in Austin, TX.