Chapter 01: Our Story & The Birth Of DigiByte

Having grown up in the same small town in rural Idaho, Jared Tate and Andrew Knapp's childhood consisted of learning about the principles of nuclear power, Cold War espionage, and computer science. They developed values that are anchored in both scientific and technical learning and but also a strong sense of duty to America and their fellow man. 

After high school, Jared and Andrew went their separate ways for a time. Jared went on to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point, before transferring back to Army ROTC at the College of Idaho and contracting with the Idaho National Guard. Andrew graduated with a master's degree and landed his dream job in FBI for a time.

Coming of age during the Great Recession in 2008 they faced the same financial issues as many other millennials, including student loan debt, increased living costs, unexpected expenses, and a desire to save for retirement.

It's the realization that their standard of living would be lower than that of their parents, that led Jared and Andrew to push for a better alternative. Jared became focused on the emerging technology of Bitcoin and blockchain, which evolved into him creating DigiByte, the rapidly growing worldwide decentralized payment network & digital currency. As a global blockchain network, DigiByte allows you to move money over the internet similar to PayPal & Western Union but with many improvements, including lightning-fast transactions (15 seconds) and minimal or no fees. Together, Andrew and Jared are building VESTi, a platform that takes the middlemen (and the inefficiency) out of the housing market by leveraging DigiByte's many advantages as a blockchain.