Chapter 02: Your Data, Your Control, Your Security

Web 2.0 is a world of platforms: massive, centralized businesses that leverage the current architecture of the internet to provide services in exchange for user data and influence over what users see, do, and consume.  We also live in a world where people's money and ownership is mediated through a system that past generations would have considered restrictive, one that embraces inefficiency as a means of rent-seeking behavior and deprives people of freedom with their money.  Blockchain and Web 3.0 revolutionizes both spheres, finance, and identity, and this chapter serves as an introduction for core concepts that will appear later in the book at length.

Key Points

  • How we got to a world defined by participation without ownership.
    • How the financial system is centralized, and how the user benefits from direct control over his or her money.
    • How the internet has become centralized, and how the user benefits from taking charge of their data and identity.
  • How blockchain is a revolution in ownership and personal control.
    • For the money, finances, and asset ownership.
    • For personal data and identity