Chapter 08: Cryptographic Rails For Artificial Intelligence

AI occupies the imagination.  As creative beings, we are fascinated by the idea of creating an intelligence independent of our own, and one that might be our legacy in the cosmos.  This fascination goes back to the earliest days of computing and information theory.  What most don't realize is that AI is already ubiquitous: every major tech company is working with machine learning, neural networks, and other methods to improve their products and their profitability, and these technologies will likely serve as stepping stones for ever more powerful AI.  These present-day His run on data - huge amounts of it.  As blockchain revolutionizes data, it will enable new markets and new forms of privacy that affect AI, defining how humans and these machines interact.  In the future, blockchain and strong cryptography may be the best tool to constrain strong or super-AIs, making these machines mortal and helping define the balance of power between us and our potential creation.

Chapter Key Points

  • Providing the parallel history of Markov chains and how they inform today's AI research.
  • Listing schools of thought in present-day AI, and how blockchain will improve the data feeds of AI systems.
  • Using blockchain to protect today's AI research from hostile states and companies.
  • Exploring the potential for blockchain to limit and govern advanced AI in the future, ensuring a runaway singularity or other negative outcome is less likely.