Chapter 10: Survey Of Existing Blockchain Projects

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” - Steve Jobs

There are thousands of blockchain projects that have emerged over the course of the last decade, and they span a broad spectrum of protocols, personalities, and potential applications built across multiple blockchains. Because this technology is so new, as of this writing, there are several half-baked or duplicative technologies that do not necessarily have bright futures, despite their presently large market caps. 

None the less we use some of these as an example below to give you a context of projects currently being built on top of or encompassing usages of existing public blockchains.

By 2035, many blockchain projects are going to fail. Some will collapse spectacularly, and some will fade gently into obscurity. Others will be acquired, reinvented, and rebranded, and reissued. This era is truly an exciting time to be involved with cutting edge blockchain technology. We are in no way endorsing all of the projects below, but where we have serious doubts, we will note them, and where we see some positive attributes of a project, we will also indicate them. 

When you look closely at this industry with proper background information and a solid understanding of what blockchain tech is, you can see the long term winners that are emerging. We encourage you to use this section as an overall guide and not an absolute source of eternal truth. Things are continually changing in this space, so we encourage you always to do your due diligence and research...

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